an integration with Stripe

We’ll help you get paid in hassle-free manner

With the Stripe and American Innovative Donation (A.I.D) pay, your donors can pay to your programs, events or services using their preferred payment methods like credit or debit card – or scan QR code. We’ll help you get paid faster and secure.

You'll get an immediate confirmation of your donation right in the A.I.D business admin panel and will be able to view the current transaction details. You’ll always know exactly where and how much you’ve donated.

Now subscribe and track your payments

Subscription allows you to set up and receive recurring card payments for repeat billing, you can get paid on time and your donors doesn’t need to keep track of your receipts. You'll get an alert subscription email notification for recurring payment for the month.

Every transaction is accounted and conform with one click

Wherever you receive payments via Stripe, whether via American Innovative Donation (A.I.D) pay receipts, you’ll automatically see the transaction data flow into American Innovative Donation (A.I.D) using the Stripe feed. Payments and fees are automatically matched to the correct receipts and accounts.

Set up Stripe in minutes, save hours tracking payments

Add Stripe to A.I.D

Connect your Stripe account to American Innovative Donation (A.I.D) with just a few clicks. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can easily create one from within American Innovative Donation(A.I.D)..


Manages subscription to your donors which can be enable or disable as per your needs.

Take payment online

A.I.D business kiosk as well as A.I.D pay app will be available on google play store for fastest payment online

Get started with Stripe

It’s quick and easy to start accepting online receipt payments through Stripe. If you don’t already have one, you can set up a Stripe account from within American Innovative Donation (A.I.D).

Get started